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Lisette de Ruigh – Head Animal Department Emmen Zoo, Transition Manager Emmen zoo/Wildlands, Operational Manager Wildlands 2010-2017

“Jan has the ability to translate the wishes and demands of the client into an exciting final design, while constantly staying faithfulness to his ‘imagination vision’.“

“By his immense experiences he knows how to solve questions about animal welfare, safety for human and animals and theming. “

“With his great passion, he’s always looking with the eyes of the guests. His carefulness goes beyond the end result. Even in the building phase he looks constantly if what’s developed in the design, has been realized.”

Reinald van Ommeren – CEO LooHorst Landscaping

“During the engineering and also during the realization of Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen, Jan was the creative spirit who continuously challenged everyone to go for the best.”

“We have experienced that Jan can be very critical when it comes to realizing the images he has
designed as Imagineer / Art Director and at the same time very cooperative when it comes to the way in which these images can be realized in practice”

“We wholeheartedly recommend Jan as an Imagineer / Art Director for projects that can be brought to a special level with their original creativity.”

Leonie Ringers – Team leader Dutch Forestry

“My team and other employees of the Dutch Forestry found the working method of Mr. Kempe
particularly refreshing. His communication is direct and his dedication is endlessly enthusiastic. The approach and insights of Mr. Kempe are extremely creative, without losing sight of the pragmatic preconditions. His experience from earlier projects with regard to experience in habitats proved to be of great added value. “

“Jan Kempe is at all times straightforward, is very reliable and honest, is an enthusiastic and passionate professional fanatic and above all very creative and very enthusiastic.”

Marc Mommers – Freelance project manager (Former design manager on the project Wildlands Emmen on behalf of the combination of contractors)

“What immediately struck me was the enthusiasm and unwavering energy that Jan shows in the design talks. He never missed a moment to “teach” me and the project team what his vision of the end result was. The road from design to realization was not always easy, but we still think back with pleasure on all the moments we have come up with other, creative solutions to make our beautiful design possible.”

“Sticking to his vision, but thinking together how this can be done in an optimal way is the strength of his way of working. I can appreciate that this can be done with directness and humour. I would not hesitate

for a moment to resume a new design process with him.”

Henk Hiddingh – CEO Emmen Zoo 1995-2008. CEO Delphinarium Münster 2012 until now

“Jan is an amazingly creative person, who is always seeking new possibilities, new solutions. As a
consequence he creates an innovative climate around him. This inspires and motivates his colleagues to perform at their highest possible level.”

“Jan is very experienced and has a keen eye for the financial consequences of his ideas and proposals.

He will never propose plans that are way out of budgetary borders. Also his knowledge of both animal-and visitor behaviour is of great help to create marvellous but also save and animal friendly zoo exhibits.

It will be very hard to find any zoo designer with the same amount of zoo-knowledge and zoo-experience.”

“He developed amazing projects, both small and large. Always with the intention to surprise, to enhance visitor experiences, to exceed the expectations of his clients and to deliver his contribution to innovation and improvement of zoos and other leisure environments.”

John de Hoon – CEO Avifauna Zoo Alphen aan den Rijn

“Jan Kempe is a professional and driven man with whom it is nice to work together. He has a great
knowledge of thematization and experience of visitors. Thanks to his years of experience in zoos, he has an enormous knowledge in the field of animal habitats.”

“Jan helped us develop various accommodations and facilities and made the designs. He ensured that the design that we all had in mind, was actually carried out in this way.”
“We can wholeheartedly recommend Jan for the design and realization of new accommodations or

Barbara van Genne – Head of Competence Centre Big Cats FOUR PAWS International

“We like to use the creative and ‘out of the box’ thinking of Jan – his approach is often fresh, just different and valuable.”

“He recognizes bottlenecks, sees possibilities and looks for a harmonious whole that he can then
visualize beautifully.”

Guido Heijnen – Project leader Sustainability, innovation and Knowledge Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen.

“Incredible how he is able to turn thoughts into stories and concrete beautiful designs.”
“I watched with admiration the produced drawings, designs, the super model (crowd puller!), all originated out of the brain and hands of Jan Kempe”

Msc. Wouter Minkhorst – Biologist, Ethologist (specialized in animal behaviour) Animal View B.V.

“Jan, is a very creative and inspiring art director. He has unique ideas for creating innovative experiences and is able to work this out in beautiful sketches and drawings. His way of looking at things is really inspiring and always find its origin in the perspective of the visitors of the experience. Last, but not least Jan is fun to work with and has a lot of humour.”